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A Guide how to order online at
1.Find a product - Click on "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" (shown below)
2. A new screen will appear as (shown below) - Enter quantity required then Click on "CONFIRM"
3. A confirmation message will briefly appear shown below
4. A new screen will appear displaying the product you just ordered - Go up to the top of the page and click on "Check Out."
If you wish to order more items click on catalogue & add them to the 'Shopping cart' - pressing 'Confirm' each time (see Screens 1 & 2). Once you've finished shopping click on 'Check out'
5. A new screen will appear - Select your Country i.e. United Kingdom and then click on "Next"
6. The next screen displays your order totals. You need to enter all your address details for posting then you must click on "NEXT" - If you do not properly complete this, error message may occur.
7. Finally the last screen requires you to enter your card details as shown below. Once this is done click on "Next" to complete your order - A finally screen will display confirming your order
We trust this little guide was useful to you if you still are having problems please let us know so we can assist where ever possible Email: or call us on 01342 833292
Card Details - What they Mean?
Credit Card Type - we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, SWITCH AND SOLO
Credit Card Number - This is the long number normally printed accross the middle of the card
Credit Card Verification Value - On the back of the card where your signature is these are the last 3 numbers above your signature.
Most orders are dispatched within 1 working day - Email